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Becky RobinsonI’m Becky Robinson, entrepreneur and founder/CEO of  Weaving Influence, an online influence building company. We work with authors and thought leaders to help them show up online in the same powerful ways they show up in real life.

I am also a mom to three wonderful daughters. I’ve been married since 1993. Work, family, and faith are my three top priorities, not necessarily in that order.

I live in Lambertville, Michigan, across the border from Toledo, Ohio. I work both from my home office and a newly leased office space. Working from a home office allows me the ability to be present with my daughters. As my company has grown, the need to collaborate regularly has necessitated moving to a more traditional office environment. I now lead a both/and team. We exist as a core employee team and a virtual, dispersed team. My job is to mobilize our team as a unified whole to serve our clients with consistent excellence.

The Journey

In late 2008, my husband asked me what I might do for work once our kids all reached school age. I literally laughed at him because I had no vision for a career that would allow me the flexibility I knew I needed to raise my children the way I wanted to.

Then, I joined Facebook. Within weeks, I started the journey that led me here. I learned social media marketing by diving in head first — writing a leadership blog while developing an online presence for a university as a freelancer.

Through that gig, I met many of the people who still support my work today. Then I worked as a social media marketing director for a leadership consultant, promoting his latest book as my first assignment.

I started serving clients in late 2011. At that time, I planned to work as a solo consultant. Within weeks, I realized that my clients needed more than my creative ideas and energy — they needed execution of the strategies I recommended.

Beginning in early 2012, I began recruiting a virtual team of subcontractors. Today, I work with a core employee team of 4 and more than 25 subcontracting professionals. In early 2015, I hired my first employee. I intend to continue to grow my company to create meaningful, flexible opportunities for others.

Creating Opportunities For Others

I’m motivated to create opportunities for others:

  • for our clients, to create maximum impact for their books/messages;
  • for my team, to grow their talent and ability; and
  • for others, especially parents, who are looking to contribute meaningfully to the world while juggling family responsibilities.

I’m also passionate about making a difference by sharing valuable content with the world as I support the work of tremendous people like Mark Miller, Cheryl Bachelder, Chip Bell, Susan Fowler, and many others.

My Background

I’ve lived in the Midwest all of my adult life. I grew up as an Army brat and don’t have a typical hometown to claim.

I graduated from Miami University (Ohio) in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts in English/Creative Writing. I have a MA (1994) in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College Graduate School (Wheaton, IL).

In the early part of my career, I worked for a non-profit and helped my husband start and lead a church. I left full-time work in 2001 to stay home with my daughters, homeschooling while bringing together women for several iterations of a home-school co-op, starting with preschool and growing in complexity as our children grew.