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Taking Next Steps: Imagining What Comes Next

By Becky Robinson  |  Mar 18, 2021

When I talk to friends and family members lately, a common question is “How is the book coming?”  I’ve been a bit stuck lately on the book because of my angst about the title, since my working title bombed in the  » Read More

The Author Journey: When Did It Begin

By Becky Robinson  |  Feb 19, 2021

I’ve loved books my whole life, both reading and writing.  I participated in Young Authors’ contests and camps as a child, and majored in creative writing in college. I have stacks of cloth-bound journals in my basement and  » Read More

How My Running Friends Helped Me Bounce Back From a Break

By Becky Robinson  |  Sep 08, 2020

A friend posted last night that she ran her 1000th mile for the year. Had I stayed on track with my running goals this year, I’d be nearing that milestone, too. Instead, when I logged into Garmin to track my progress, I saw that I am woefully short of  » Read More

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